The Ultimate Guide to Active Learning

Active learning is crucial for learning new workflows and methodologies because it engages learners in the learning process, helping them to build a deeper understanding and better retention of the material. When learners are actively involved in the learning process, such as through problem-solving or reflecting on their own experiences, they are more likely to apply what they've learned in real-world contexts. This can lead to improved performance, greater confidence, and increased motivation to continue learning. *What do we do about it?* At Superflow, we create learning experiences that can fit right into the learners’ flow of work or personal/professional context. Our users learn new frameworks and methodologies by applying them directly in the real world.

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Here at Superflow we work in a fast-paced and purpose-driven environment. We are ambitious and proactive, yet we are balanced and caring. We are a team that support you to grow both technically and as an individual.

Exciting challenges lie ahead—guided by our mission and values, we’ll meet these challenges with a thoughtful, novel and caring approach to support our Superflow community and clients in learning by doing. We strive to create an environment of human-centered growth, where individuals and teams can reach peak performance and personal wellbeing through balanced challenges that align with their capabilities, skills, curiosity and motivation with the help of Superflow. Join us!

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