♒️ Mastery of High-Performance Frameworks

Superflow provides relevant learning that is easy to apply for project managers across the company in a scalable format on Agile OKR workshop techniques.

Relevant, practical and just-in-time learning. How?

The problem: Time Constraints for Learning on New Workflows

Johnny is an ambitious project manager at a tech company. He’d like to transform his team's performance, but he is new to OKR practices and he hasn't yet facilitated an OKR planning workshop. He wants it to go really well, but he doesn't have the time to take a formal course on how to facilitate an agile OKR planning workshop.

Superflow provides space for learning and application of workflows right away

Since OKR planning and the adoption of high-performance frameworks are critical for Johnny’s company, the HR team contacts Superflow to rapidly customize an active learning training Flow for project managers in the company. Superflow’s learning experience designers tailor the training session to their existing workflows and to the needs of top level management. Superflow involves the world-renowned organization designer, Elvira, who is one of the top OKR designers to add industry-specific worked examples and specific recommendations to her Flow on OKR sprint planning.

So What Happens Next to Johnny? He Gains Immediate Access to Expert Guidance for Applying the New Workflow

Discovering Elvira's expert guidance within the Superflow workspace, Johnny seamlessly navigates through her curated Flow. Delivered asynchronously through bite-sized, responsive video snippets, Elvira's flexible insights empower Johnny to recall her suggestions precisely where he needs them most. This personalized guidance equips Johnny with advanced know-how, ensuring a smooth and effective facilitation of the workshop session for his team.

Elvira, OKR expert & org. designer provides responsive guidance on the workflow

Johnny creates a new Confluence page for his team's upcoming sprint and embeds Elvira's Flow right where they need it.

Johnny, as the team leader, embeds the session on Confluence and marks the outcomes

He listens to Elvira's responsive video guidance as he walks through the carefully structured Flow. That allows him to take appropriate facilitator notes, add scaffolds and edit the workshop template for his team’s needs based on Elvira's recommendations.

He then schedules a High-performing Team workshop run in Superflow. His team also has access to his flexible scaffolds, such as prompts, guiding questions, and worked examples. Johnny saves all those laborious steps and transforms the workshop experience with a guide on the side to ensure the event results in successful, tangible outcomes that contributes to their team growth.

Superflow integrates right into their workflow. At the end of the workshop, the team’s Confluence page’s appropriate areas are populated with session outcomes, such as next steps.

Johnny sets himself as the facilitator and edits the prompts and the scaffolds

Result: Proficiency in Agile OKR Practices

The team gains new insights on growth and performance from Superflow's dashboard

Johnny feels content not only because of the efficient event, but also because the entire process is set up to be ready for action, coming to the job while learning.

'With Superflow, learning is work and work is learning. These advanced workflows support us to reach maximum team performance.'

With Superflow’s dashboard, Johnny can track the team’s work and wellbeing patterns over time, allowing him to gain profound insights and identify areas of growth. This help both him and his team reach proficiency in agile OKR practices in a few month.

Johnny drives the organization forward for consistent outcomes.

The best part? Johnny can easily make updates to their Flow. Over time, all those changes can be applied to all new iterations of a Flow, meaning that everyone is up to speed and will transform the organization on a scale.

'Using Superflow on an ongoing basis has truly been transformative.'

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