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Academy programs in the workplace can help employees stay up-to-date on industry changes and best practices, and can also improve employee satisfaction and retention. However, managing employee time and resources, and ensuring that the program content is relevant, engaging and mostly contains practical, applicable know-how for participants, often remains a challenge. Superflow can help you embed practical learning sessions guided by experts directly in your learning platform and allow users to use the same frameworks directly in the flow of their work.

How to amplify learning outcomes in practice?

Violette has just transitioned into a new role as a sales team lead. This means that she needs to pick up some new skills on effective sales team efficiency and she wants to create a new sales strategy, so she’s going through her company’s Academy program for the salesforce. She’s taking a course on Sales Efficiency and progresses directly to the Superflow Flow on developing your team's sales performance with the session called 'Design Your Sales Strategy: How to play sales as a team sport'.

Completing this first session, she realizes she can learn practical skills and work more efficiently on her sales strategy with guidance from an expert in the field. She moves through each session of the Flow with the step-by-step guidance of a global expert, Scott Anderson, SVP of Sales at Hivery and she starts filling in each canvas with her own team’s purpose, sales process needs, improvement opportunities and capabilities in mind, taking note of potential challenges and designing a sales strategy for collaboration on value selling.

Violette also completes check-in and check-out activities, that helps her to set her intention, anticipate challenges, reflect on her hopes and fears and think back on lessons learned at the end of her sales strategy design process.

Developing a sales strategy doesn’t happen in isolation, of course. So she is asked to add questions and notes for her manager, Joan, and she is also encouraged to ask team members to chime in where appropriate. Joan is notified when Violette is done with a session and can provide feedback before their upcoming 1:1, helping them have a more productive discussion.

Once the preliminary sales strategy is approved by Joan, they discuss how to involve the rest of the team and finalize it. Violette accesses her Flow in her Confluence workspace and sets up a workshop with her team to finalize it.

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