🪴 Onboarding & Talent Management

Getting up to speed in both productivity and wellbeing. Sounds too good to be true?

Let’s dig deeper.

Sam, the Chief People Officer at a global scale-up, leverages Superflow in onboarding and talent management initiatives. She has chosen a number of Superflow templates that she liked and customized them for her company’s needs by adding her own video facilitation and aligning session prompts with company terminology.

Lola is a recent new hire and her carefully designed onboarding program includes the Discover My Career Drivers session. While completing the card sorting activity, Lola listens to Sam’s guidance and description of the measures that the company takes to keep employee’s drivers and wellbeing front and center.

Lola’s manager is notified when she’s completed her Superflow sessions and is able to add comments and answers to any questions Lola may have flagged. They discuss Lola’s goals, drivers, purpose, priorities and how these relate to her role at the company including suggested action steps during their upcoming 1:1 session.

On their 1:1, they also decide on which sessions to incorporate in their recurring reflection and planning meetings. They then create their own 1:1 template on HiBob, which will help provide their check-ins with more structure and clarity while also giving them access to data and insights on Lola’s development and wellbeing. Superflow also offers personalized recommendations and discussion prompts for deeper, more meaningful discussions.

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