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Revolutionizing Work and Learning:

Unleashing Human-Centered Growth

We are dedicated to creating a new way of working and learning that not only empowers people to perform better, but also to feel better. To achieve this goal, we leverage multidisciplinary research insights from learning sciences, visual design, human-computer interactions, social sciences, and organizational psychology.

Our in-house learning and organizational development experts, along with our world-class advisory board, set the direction for our product strategy and lead our experimentation towards a shared, bold vision: a world where human-centered growth is embraced as the norm. As our platform matures, we aim to collaborate with leading research groups to launch Superflow Labs, enabling us to further advance our understanding of how to optimize performance and well-being.

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Why design for flow?

Flow is a psychological state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity and experiences a feeling of intense focus and enjoyment. It is characterized by a high level of productivity and a sense of effortless accomplishment. This means that we need to actively design learning environments that help people reach the state of flow.

"There is 3 days of heightened creativity after a flow state experience."

Michael Malice
Harvard Research
increase in productivity

for senior executives – McKinsey, 10-year global study of top executives

boost in employee productivity and focus

According to Google


“Flow state percentage is the #1 management metric for the 21st century”.

James Slavet
Greylock Partners
increase in problem solving

University of Sydney

Increase in Flow state can almost double productivity

Steven Kotler, HBR

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Increased employee satisfaction and sense of meaning from work

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly
University of California
faster skill acquisition

Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA

self-determination strategies

help individuals facilitate flow experiences, and increase their performance: self-leadership, job crafting, designing work to be playful, and the use of their strengths.

Supeflow's Evidence-Based Core Principles

We strive to create positive impact through a product that delights, empowers and delivers results. To ensure that we’re on the right path, we continually experiment while basing our design decisions on a set of evidence-based core principles.

Our learning principles guide our product development process, ensuring that every decision we make aligns with robust findings in learning sciences, visual design, human-computer interactions, social sciences, and organizational psychology.

🔱   Expert coaching

Coaching results in better team effectiveness and productivity as well as self-efficacy, while learners report that timely feedback and short video facilitation positively impact their engagement and learning.

In Superflow, leading experts guide users through their learning with the help of video facilitation and share unique insights and prompt personalized feedback, all on-demand.

🧠  Flow experience

Flow experience in learning characterized by a balance of skills and challenges, goal clarity and feedback has been shown to increase concentration and sense of control as well as high productivity.

We take the design of our interfaces and learning experiences seriously and strive to deliver a platform with rich content that facilitates more flow.

💎  Relevance, timeliness, value

Personal connection to the learning material and its explicit, timely value are key for engagement and optimal learning outcomes.

Superflow integrates directly into your existing ecosystem for just-in-time learning. Identifying personal goals and reflection are core components of our Flows for meaningful, personalized experiences.

🤸 Active learning

Effective active learning methods use not only hands-on and minds-on approaches, but also hearts-on, providing increased emotional and social support.

We help teams learn and use high-performance frameworks by connecting them to their own goals, and applying them in real life, leveraging their experts’ and each other’s support.

😍  Creation and customization

Agency in learning is a product of a learner’s ecology and when it is nurtured, it leads to more engagement and more learning.

Our creator platform empowers coaches to create or to customize existing Flows. Superflow encourages learners to take charge of their learning and professional and personal fulfillment.

Join the Superflow Research Panel

Ready to make a lasting impact? Join our exclusive research panel at Superflow, where your unique perspective matters. We'll only invite you to relevant projects, giving you the freedom to participate on your terms. Whether you prefer paid or unpaid research with license discounts, you can contribute remotely and be a driving force in shaping the future of learning.
If you have an ongoing research project on the emotional states of productivity and high performance, AI with sentiment analysis in active learning and efficiency of triggering flow states for working and learning, our researchers and learning experience designers are looking forward to collaborating with you. Get in touch with us!

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Discover, Design, Deliver: Your Voice Matters in our Discovery Calls

Ready to be a catalyst for change? Participate in our dynamic 25-minute discovery calls and help shape the future of learning. At Superflow, before we design anything, we dive deep into understanding what truly matters to our users. We build our platform not for the short-term but for the long run. We talk to people globally in all industries and with any job titles. We understand what creates magic. Join us and unleash your expertise to co-create a world where work and learning thrive.

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Co-create the Future: Join our  Client Advisory Board (CAB)

We believe in co-creation and the power of distributed networks. The CAB is a community of high-performing companies worldwide to co-create cutting-edge features that will change the game for Learning & Development. Apply to become a member and join us in reflective discussions, ideation sessions, sharing best practices, prioritizing, planning, and iterating new prototypes. Together, we'll shape the future of learning.

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Work that inspires us

middle aged man typing on laptop and smiling
Create a Work Environment That Fosters Flow

Harvard Business Reviewby Steven Kotler

“Asking questions, the basis of perspective-getting, can also foster employee belonging, both in collaborative problem-solving meetings and in one-on-ones between managers and employees. We saw earlier how asking people questions about themselves and their values is a bond-builder. It affirms employees by conveying that they are seen as a whole person rather than a cog in a work machine.” - Geoffrey L. Cohen

girl daydreaming over a laptop
Belonging: The Science of Creating Connection and Bridging Divides

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2009 Septby Frederik Anseel, Filip Lievens, Eveline Schollaert

“Restructuring businesses around flow means radically altering their DNA, shifting emphasis from mechanistic efficiencies to deep human engagement. Not many companies are up for this challenge. But in an era of relentless progress, making a present tense commitment to flow may be the only way to stay ahead of a breakneck future.” - Steve Kotler

class in a creative room
Reflection as a strategy to enhance performance after feedback

Book on Amazon by Geoffrey L. Cohen

“Reflection without feedback did not lead to performance improvement. Further analyses indicated that the proposed reflection strategy was less effective for individuals low in learning goal orientation, low in need for cognition, and low in personal importance as they engaged less in reflection.”