How do you maximize profitability by learning the skills to achieve growth?

Learn & Apply
Modern Workflows

Build the skills needed to increase profitability and peak-performance with Superflow's next-generation workflow learning software. Facilitate your team through standardized workflows so they become masters in any fields.


Works For Every Type Of Business


From Basic to Mastery Level Workflows


Measure Any Team's Efficiency

Empower People to Learn by Doing. Reach Profitability & Drive Growth with Tips from World-class Experts.

Identify Your Workflow


Guide Users to
Learn & Apply


Utilize Data You  Never Had


Foster Mastery & Recurring Use

Master Complex Knowhow. Save up-to 10x time.
Learning beyond onboarding
Don't stop at the first steps of user activation when it comes to learning a new process. Allow people to gain new skills and apply complex frameworks.
Add advanced tips
Through practice, scenarios and feedback loops, users implement complex projects without context switch, accessing video-based expert tips any time.
See users reach mastery
Every step of the way users get closer to mastery level. Linking the outcomes of sessions to activity metrics, you can see real impact and business outcomes.

Easy integratation

Templates to Use

Guided Videos

Activity Outcomes

Custom Analytics

Why Superflow?

Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Action. Increase Stickiness. Drive Mastery. Boost Revenue.

Save Onboarding Time
Save 10x time to apply workflows
Save 60-70% time in workshops
Shrink workshop-time to
1,5-3h from 1-2 day agendas
Increase Retention
Guide users to reach a mastery level on your knowhow
Apply on-demand tips of world-class team leads
Get users to adopt the advanced features of workflows & products
Learning Efficiency
Connect L&D spending to business outcomes
Grow revenue and productivity
Reduce manager time by 70%

Developed with unicorn founders and top-notch experts

World-class teams love using Superflow. They are global top performers!

“saves my team a lot of time”

“I truly love Superflow's OKR template”

“incredibly easy to use”

Master the Skills to Maximize Profitability & Growth Without Sacrificing Culture and a People-centred Approach

Use Superflow's structured learning experience for workflows on

High-performing Agile Teams

Sales Efficiency

Product-Market Fit

Branding & Marketing

UX Research & Feature Planning

Recruiting & Onboarding

1:1 sessions

 Team-work in a cosy office

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Identify the Workflow You Need

Beyond ready-made templates for complex workflows and modern frameworks, we provide you with expert learning experience design services leveraging our expertise in learning sciences and corporate learning strategy. We are happy to support your internal learning team in crafting a series of impactful, engaging activities that will help your target audience - employees or customers - learn and implement new knowledge and skills on a recurring basis.


Empower people to go from onboarding to mastery


Customize existing content or design new experiences


Leverage our expertise to design your learning experience

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Launch Your Flow Featuring Expert Tips

Invite Internal or external experts or coaches to record short videos that help people apply new workflows with step-by-step instructions so that they master advanced tips just-in-time when they need it every step of the way. Take learning and growth to the next level by enabling users to learn a workflow while they are in the workflow. They do so by completing practical activities with the help of responsive video guidance by leading internal and external experts.


Guide sessions on frameworks, workflows or complex methods


Add video-based facilitation, written nudges, and examples


Create whiteboards, tables, scenarios and feedback loops

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Superflow session
Superflow dashboard

Utilize Data You Never Had Before

Demonstrate the value of Learning and Development (L&D) through distinctive analytics showcasing the impact on cost efficiency, revenue increase, engagement, team productivity, and progress. Superflow provides insights on team performance, emotional reactions and work patterns so that you can identify areas of growth.


Identify key takeaways and connect to real-life KPIs


Insights on team performance, engagement and work patterns


Review aggregated data from downloadable artifacts

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Foster Mastery & Recurring Use

Empower users to apply complex know-how in their work. Just like tooltips in an onboarding software, it right away boosts real behavioral change at scale and provides better outcomes in both user retention and productivity. Through workflows on complex business frameworks or personal wellbeing, Superflow helps increase revenue, maximize profitability and team productivity in a human-centered form. Users will learn new knowledge and apply advanced skills by actively using them in Superflow.


Empower people reach mastery through recurring use


Provide practice and hands-on-experience in your existing tools


Funnel users to apply even advanced processes in their projects

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Our Mission:
Drive Human-Centered Growth

Join a Movement to Revolutionize the Way We Learn and Grow

Our mission is to democratize learning and make it more relevant, timely, valuable and personalized so that we can actively develop the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the learning experience so that it feels modern, clean, creative, and smooth. We aim to reduce mental clutter and help you reach peak-performance.

We value kindness and giving support. We care about people for genuine reasons. We strive to enable more Flow experiences and heightened well-being, enrich our educational opportunities, better the workplace and our society through continuous learning and development.

Read our Manifesto

Save time, drive productivity & wellbeing

Superflow helps you amplify learning.
So that people go from knowing to doing.

Engage teams through guided learning experiences on complex methods and frameworks directly in the flow of their work. Connect learning outcomes to existing KPIs and generate personalized learning plans based on individual goals and strengths.

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