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Superflow's creator platform is where experts, coaches and entrepreneurs openly share their workflow, how-to's, methods, planners, frameworks and go-to tools facilitated with video-based nudges so that by joining them, people learn by doing.

Design Experiences that Inspire Flow State, Productivity & Wellbeing.
Revolutionize Learning.


Design Bite Sized Activities

Easily create interactive learning experiences tailored to your learners' needs that they can use in the platform where they need it.


Pre-record Guidance

Guide individuals or teams to apply new frameworks and methodologies in their work, boosting skill development.


Embed Within Your Tools

Integrate custom-designed learning experiences effortlessly into your existing ecosystem through an iFrame.


Foster Growth & Performance

Connect L&D spending to real business outcomes as well as to wellbeing and productivity metrics. Identify key takeaways.

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Design Bite Sized Activities, Trigger Flow

Create immersive learning experiences that balance a creative challenge and uplevel the skills of learners - this optimal experience is what we call flow state based on the work of prof. Csikszentmihalyi. Customize bite-sized activities that match your learners' skills, and tailor content to help them come up with new outcomes for their project work. Empower your learners with hands-on, engaging content that transforms knowledge into practice, supercharging their skill development, drives flow, wellbeing and peak-performance.


Uplevel skills to the projects' challenge to drive more flow state


Customize activities for peak-performance: Whiteboard sessions, reflections, assessments. Apply proven frameworks and methods.


Hands-on content for practical skill development.

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Provide Pre-recorded Expert Guidance

Amplify learning by guiding individuals or teams through new frameworks and methodologies facilitated by world-class team leads, internal or external experts or coaches. Record short facilitation videos that help people apply key concepts, with step-by-step instructions, worked examples and expert insights enabling immediate application of these concepts in the flow of work. Support your people to instantly apply their newfound knowledge in their current projects, strategy, planning or reflection sessions, adding a personal and practical touch to their development.


Create guided sessions on frameworks, workflows or strategy.


Facilitate each session with short video guidance, written nudges, and worked examples.


Expert insights and feedback from your team leads

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Superflow embedded session

Seamlessly Embed within Your Tools

Integrate your custom-designed learning experiences seamlessly into your existing tools or ecosystem. The Superflow Creator Platform allows for easy embedding, ensuring a cohesive and unified learning environment. Whether it's within your Learning Management System (LMS), performance management tool, website or any other digital platform, your learners can access the content effortlessly, eliminating barriers to their learning journey.


Integrate learning experiences into existing systems.


Cohesive and unified learning environment.


Easy access across platforms for a seamless journey.

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Foster Personal and Business Growth

With Superflow Creator Platform, empower learners to grow personally and professionally using both performance and wellbeing metrics researched by org, psychologists. At the end of each session, let people identify key takeaways and outcomes connected to KPIs. Track progress, gather invaluable insights, and customize the learning journey for maximum impact and to reach the state of flow. Experience the transformative power of Superflow in nurturing the growth, performance and wellbeing of your people at the same time.


Identify key takeaways and connect to real-life KPIs.


Personalized progress tracking: Insights and recommendations


Drive maximum impact and flow, nurture growth and well-being.

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Join world-class team leads. Design your Flow.
Structure the Flow:
 macrolearning modules
Design your Flow. Modules of sessions  allow users to gain new skills by applying knowhow directly in the flow of their work.
Add practice, hands-on
Each session contains practice, example scenarios, and feedback loops to help people apply knowledge in a project.  
Move forward with
meaningful outcomes
Linking the outcomes of sessions to existing KPIs helps you clarify purpose and achieve real impact and business outcomes.
Save Facilitation Time and Supercharge Learning at Scale
Use Superflow's structured learning experience for

High-performing Leadership

Product-lead Growth Strategy

Advanced Product Management

Branding Strategy & Lead Generation

Product Design & UX

Onboarding new employees

1:1 sessions

 Team-work in a cosy office

Try our new Flows

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Coming soon

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Superflow Prototype Thinking session cover pictureSuperflow Sustainable Growth session cover pictureSuperflow Next.generation retrospective session cover picture

Superflow's Value

Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Action for Lasting Results

Save Time
Scalable facilitation and coaching
Save 60-70% time in workshops
Shrink workshop-time to
1,5-3h from 1-2 day agendas
Personalized Learning
Personalized learning journeys
Increase 1:1 coaching efficiency
Personal and career development Flows increase retention by 25%
Reduce Training Costs
Customize repeatable training content with fresh insights
Reduce your training costs by 50%+
70% reduction of manager time
Apply proven framework of world-class tech leads, elevate projects.
Practical, relevant skills assessment
Connect learning outcomes to your organization's KPIs, show impact
Recruiting, Onboarding
Attract top, diverse talent by showcasing your 1-2 top workflow
Guide new hires on your knowhow
Empower your talents internally
Link to Business KPIs
Connect L&D spending to real business outcomes
Expert support: learn from business results and add more value
Grow your company, achieve KPIs

Our Mission:
Drive Human-Centered Growth

Join a Movement to Revolutionize the Way We Learn and Grow

Our mission is to democratize learning and make it more relevant, timely, valuable and personalized so that we can actively develop the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the learning experience so that it feels modern, clean, creative, and smooth. We aim to reduce mental clutter and help you reach peak-performance.

We value kindness and giving support. We care about people for genuine reasons. We strive to enable more Flow experiences and heightened well-being, enrich our educational opportunities, better the workplace and our society through continuous learning and development.

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Save time, drive productivity & wellbeing

Superflow helps you amplify learning.
So that people go from knowing into doing.

Engage teams through guided learning experiences directly in the flow of their work. Connect learning outcomes to existing KPIs and generate personalized learning plans based on individual goals and strengths.

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