Supercharge Your 1on1 Sessions
With Reflection & Data-driven Insights

Leverage reflection practices to build a lasting relationship with your team, match individual purpose and drivers to projects and action steps, uncover trends, and discover common themes over time. Use this flexible template to keep track of individual growth goals, meeting notes and action items in one place.

β†’ πŸ“ˆ Visualize individual progress on a single page

β†’ πŸ’Ž Gain data-driven insights from reflective practices

β†’ 🎯Align personal drivers to the company purpose and goals

β†’ πŸ’ͺ Strengthen a growth mindset, setting relevant big goals

β†’ 🦸 Scale coaching practices: become a more effective leader

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Superflow's 1:1 session will help you to:

Find your drivers and build a monthly reflection routine: Provide a dedicated and comfortable space for identifying your growth opportunities.

Identify what makes you feel valued and empowered with a sense of belonging - let your 1:1s drive active listening and positive interactions.

Invite your team: plan your 1:1s in advance, stay focused during the conversation, and track any growth opportunities and action items that come out of the meeting.

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Skills your team will develop with 1:1s
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Goal Alignment and Tracking
This 1:1 template will help you set meaningful and achievable goals for yourself or with your people. Reflect on career drivers, monitor progress to achieving goals and ensure alignment between individual needs and organizational capabilities.
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Task Planning and Execution
By efficient monthly reflection, you can plan tasks effectively and proactively, prioritize where focus is needed and execute projects efficiently. Foster productive balance, timely completion, motivation and successful outcomes.
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Reflection on Growth
Cultivate a culture of reflection and continuous improvement with regular 1:1 meetings. Checking in regularly on drivers, goals, achievements, challenges, and development opportunities builds self-knowledge and commitment to achieving growth.
Overview of the 1:1 Session
Your 1:1 template in a project management tool like Asana or Notion allows you to grow in reflection sessions, get feedback, then capture and keep track of the most important information on growth areas right where work happens.

Become the coach you always dreamed to have: get inspired to reach peak-performance in a healthy and balanced way.

β†’ Optimize for human-centered growth: with a proper framework, agenda, and mindset, Β the 1:1 meeting can become the most important driver of career growth.

β†’ Unleash the power of reflection practices: Get to know your team members drivers, have them outline growth areas and reflect together on project where they can achieve the most.

β†’ Align personal and professional goals: Seamlessly align personal goals and motivations with professional objectives, purpose and growth opportunities.

β†’ Track progress with ease: Visualize your progress and goal attainment on a single page. Foster a culture of achievement by document your accomplishments over your growth goals.

β†’ Export your outcomes: This Superflow 1:1 template helps you export all your canvases to compare your results in time and save it for later.

1. Prioritize your drivers
2. Reflect on learnings and possible action steps
3. Add action iteams and find focus
This Flow is brought to you by
Priszcilla Garami-Varnagy
Priszcilla Garami-Varnagy
Serial entrepreneur & org. psychologist
PriszcillaGarami-Varnagy is an organizational psychologist and the founder and CEO of Superflow, next-generation active learning platform andBe-novative, a Design Thinking Process Managment SaaS Platform. She facilitateslarge-scare workshops for hundreds of employees and for MBA students worldwidethrough her companies and as an expert at Singularity University and as anadjunct professor at SMU Cox School of Business.Β In addition, she is advisor for University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara on improving their Executive Women Leadership Program. Β 
She was recognized by Forbes 30under30, is thewinner of several competitions (Singularity University's first Global ImpactCompetition in the CEE region, The Next Web's Innovation Challenge, TechMatchEurope Silicon Valley, Morgan Stanley CTO Summits), wrote several articlesabout the future of innovation and education and why collective creativity willcontribute to breakthrough products and services, and how it strengthens ourself-esteem and drives a happier and higher quality of life, implemented +500Open Innovation projects and taught innovation courses across the globe on sixcontinents, and has supported the OECD to involve thousands of people indesigning more inclusive societies. She graduated as a psychologist in 2009from the University of Budapest and Univeristy of Copenhagen, and graduatedfrom Singularity University.

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